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UNCUT Fill-in-blanks Card Games Against Dis Fans Edition.PDF

UNCUT Fill-in-blanks Card Games Against Dis Fans Edition.PDF

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Use steps: Purchase → Download → Print → Cut→Done(takes about 3 minutes).
Note: This link will be taken down in three days, so act fast if you want to purchase.
About this Edition:
  1. This edition contains 828 cards, and I guarantee that they won't disappoint you. Otherwise, Smash me.
  2. This is the latest version, and we have fixed spelling errors, cards duplicates, and garbled characters that existed in previous versions. (Physical cards sold on shopping platforms may still have these issues.)
  3. Using our files, you won't need to pay high shipping fees, wait for long periods for goods to arrive, or worry about lost packages
  4. We have shuffled the cards sequence, and they can be used directly after being cut.
  5. Not for children, and we also do not recommend using them at family gatherings.
  6. Suitable for 4-20 players, and spend a happy 30-90 minutes together.
  7. Trust me, creating a card game with friends is a lot of fun in itself.

How to use this file:  

  1. Download the PDF and print it at home using regular white paper, or recommended heavy white cardstock if available. (We have deepened the color of the cards, so you don't need to worry even if you don't have a color printer.)

  2. Stack no more than 10 sheets of paper on top of each other, then use scissors to cut them along the lines. (We bolded the lines of the cards so that even my 90-year-old grandfather could cut them exactly.)

  3. You're done!

    Tip: Use clips to cut your time down to 1 minute.

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